Monday, July 2, 2007

Who has grabbed Eric Dane (McSteamy)

Eric Dane aka McSteamy

Look at this hot pic, in which Eric Dane, nicknamed as McSteamy, was got his crotch grabbed by a hottie. But who is she ? Is she his wife Rebecca Gayheart. Can you identify ?

Whosoever she is, she must've been either:
  • highly turned on remembering last night's romp
  • just wanna show him who's boss,
  • or, just kidding around.
Please comment to let us know, which option will you choose.

I found this about McSteamy on web [via]
A quick Google search found that before becoming Dr. Mark Sloan the very hot plastic surgeon, Dane recently appeared in the summer blockbuster X-Men: The Last Stand. He was the lead on the the TV show Gideon's Crossing and he held a recurring role on the WB's Charmed. We also found out he's 34 years old and a workout fiend. As is evidenced by the cut up bod that emerged in Episode One.
Speaking of that bod... it's a little fuel for competition for the REAL McDreamy. I saw an interview where Patrick Dempsey says he feels like he's got to work out even HARDER. So much testosterone... on-set and off.
Oh - one more thing. He's married in real life to actress Rebecca Gayheart of Fox's Vanished. You may recognize her from her Noxzema commercials.

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