Friday, October 12, 2007

An ideal wedding gift to Pamela and Salomon | A vdieo camera

So, Pamela Anderson tied the wedding knot for the third time with Rick Salomon. People round the world have sent their wishes and gifts for the happy couple. We also broke the news on this blog and paid our wishes to Pammy.

But, a little birdie told us about an unexpected gift from a totally unexpected well wisher.

This was a video camera from Paris Hilton, the ex-girl friend of Rick Salomon. So, what would Paris have thought while selecting the gift - was she alarming Pamela of the future ?

This is specially important in light of the fact that both Rick and Pamela Anderson have been involved in a sex tape controversy.

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1 comment:

April said...

HAHA, thats a great gift. So is there a release date for their "honeymoon" yet, man that guy is a jerk. I can't believe they got married and maybe a kid...come on. Found pam's place in CA nice house rick on the other hand not so nice

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