Friday, September 28, 2007

Top 6 body jobs of sexy celebrities (Part III)

(You may like to check out Part II and Part I of this series before reading further)

5. Cameron Diaz

(Operation to correct a deviated septum)

Cameron Diaz, the other 'Charlie's Angels' star, also has had a procedure to correct her nose's deviated septum after breaking her nose for the fourth time while surfing (Earlier Jennifer Aniston also had this type of surgery). But, when the surgeons suggested her to get her wonky nose's telltale bump also removed, she refused flatly, saying, 'No, this is the way I know I have to look' .

6. Courtney Love

(Breast enlargement, implant removal and lip surgery)

Courtney Love, Rocker and generally considered a wild woman, has also had her love to the surgeon's knife. She's was earlier having silicone implants, but now the star is moving for a more natural look. It is understood that she is now shedding the pounds on a diet and undergoing a fitness regime. The implants have been removed and she had also announced recently that her lip surgery was being reversed.

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